Vision 20/20 See it. Speak it. Sign it. Be it.

COGBF///Sense The Future

In alignment with our Mission and Core Values, the Executive Council has distinguished a solid roadmap to move the Church of God by Faith forward over the next six years. If the Lord delays, we are committed to the fulfillment of these five bold goals, which will henceforth be known as Vision 20/20.

Ocala Temple Renovation

“The Temple” is a historical landmark that in previous years was the dwelling place for assemblies and extravaganzas. It was once known as the National Headquarters for General Assemblies. Our vision is to renovate The Temple to its former glory for the purpose of worship, training and ministerial opportunities.

COGBF Financial Solutions

COGBF Financial Solutions will provide opportunities for financial planning such as Church Loans, Retirement Planning, Life and Health Insurance.

Plant 50 New Churches

Plant Fifty (50) is a project initiative to develop new churches by training New Church Planters and through our Parent Affiliated Strategy. As we aim to expand our boundaries as an organization we gear towards planting new churches nationally and internationally.

COGBF Technology 2.0

In the growing age of technology, COGBF leverages the capabilities of streaming and broadcasting live services, enhancing our national church domain, providing a geographical avenue for our churches and utilizing various forms of emerging technology. These actions are set to influence people’s lives, support and resource local churches, and improve our communications.

Prayer & Outreach

Prayer is a priority for the church. As we move into a new century of growth, planning and development it is essential that the church unite in corporate prayer. A new time is present and the church must remain a solid place for prayer and outreach. Our vision includes opening a National Prayer and Outreach Training Center.