Ministerial CredentialsOur Ministers

Rules of Acceptance for Ministerial Training

  1. Before submitting an application, applicant should have been preaching no less than 6 months to 1 year under a pastor.
  2. Applicant must be minimum age 26 if ordination is expected on time.
  3. Applicant must be 30 years of age to be ordained.
  4. High School Diploma or its equivalent is strongly encouraged but not mandatory.
  5. Applicant must attend classes regularly and promptly.
  6. When student is absent, a letter should be sent notifying the Board and the reason why.
  7. Applicant must understand that the standard 8 years required to complete training does not guarantee ordination or consecration.
  8. Several things to consider that will have a bearing on ordination or consecration:
    1. Attendance
    2. Attitude
    3. Periodic tests and scores
    4. Passing Final Examination by Ordination Board
    5. Receiving approval of your Pastor, District Superintendent and Executive Council
  9. If a minister becomes a member of the Church of God By Faith and has received ordination through another organization, he must enroll in the National Examining Board for 2 years. Then he must be examined further by the Supreme Council of the Church of God By Faith prior to official recognition as a consecrated Elder in the Church of God By Faith.

Women in Ministry Consecration Guidelines

The Evangelist/Minister is a woman who has been:

  1. Taught in her local church, being found faithful in her saved life and in carrying out the work as assigned by her Pastor or his designee, and
  2. In time, recommended by her Pastor and District Elder for Consecration.

She has proven through her obedience to leadership, instruction and attendance to all duties.

  1. At home
  2. At church (local, district, and national)
  3. In the community

She is stable in mind, well versed in the Word of God, deeply concerned about souls being saved and willing to give herself for the service of God. She has been recommended by her Pastor to receive her Minister's License.

The Evangelist/Minister must:

  1. Be a member of a local Church of God by Faith.
  2. Be at all times in good standing with the Pastor.
  3. Be a supporter of designated worship and study services.
  4. Pay their tithes and offerings as designated locally and district.
  5. Know, believe, and teach the doctrine of the Church of God by Faith, Inc.
  6. Make personal reports to the District Elder.
  7. Be enrolled in the Church of God by Faith, Inc. National Examining Board of Elders and Ministers.
  8. When traveling to another District, contact the District Elder upon arrival to schedule a meeting.

How to Measure your Class Time

Official enrollment into Examining Board classes occurs only once a year in December. If you complete and submit your Entrance Application prior to the December Assembly, you will not be officially enrolled in classes until December of that year. Your time is calculated from December to December.

You must also be enrolled and attend Ministerial classes being offered on your District. If there are no classes being offered on your District, please contact Elder Harry Johnson or Elder Erta Livingston as soon as possible.