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The Burial League Fund is an effort to assist with the burial of members of Church of God by Faith. The Fund was conceived over 50 years ago.

Q. How do I qualify for paid up status and what must I do if I think I am qualified?
A. Any member of the Fund for 50 years and having reached the age of 70 years or older may be eligible. Speak with the Burial League Fund representative at your local church about the criteria for paid up certificates if you think you qualify.

Q. If I submit a claim for death benefits this week, will I receive a check by next week? 
A. No, death claims generally take at least two weeks to process. 

Q. Is it possible to upgrade my $2,000 burial certificate to $3,000?
A. In 1997, persons who currently had a $2,000 certificate were allowed to upgrade their certificates for a $3,000 death benefit. As of March 31, 1997, the window of opportunity was closed to upgrade.

Q. If I change my local church membership to another COGBF that does not have an active Burial League, where can I pay my assessments?
A. Your assessments can be mailed directly to the National Office. Call and speak with the national representative for the Fund.

Your questions may not have been answered here but you can get almost any answer about the Fund on the back of your Burial League Certificate.