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Shining Light Church of God by Faith

The first mission of Gross Church of God by Faith started by Elder Hubert Steadman. He moved to Jacksonville, FL in the year of 1918 where he married Sister L. Roundtree. That same year he ran meetings on the east side of Jacksonville and at Sandhill. He and his family rode the trains from Jacksonville and would get off at the Gross stop. They walked approximately six miles from Gross to Sandhill carrying small children and babies.

Members of the Sandhill community allowed Elder Steadman to hold services in their homes and at St. James Baptist Church. They also held seekers meetings in different homes.

In 1926, the first church was built and it was call “Gross” because of the train stop. The Jacksonville saints traveled long distance by foot because of their love and dedication to the Lord. Elder Steadman taught the people of Sandhill how to be faithful and to put God first. Gross was known as “the Holy Ghost Headquarters” because the anointing was so powerful. God truly blessed Gross during this era. The Lord called Elder Steadman to rest in the year of 1936 at a young age.

Deacons General Coston, Amos White, and Robert Jones, Sr. were prominent deacons during the early growth of the church. The fellowship hall was built, dedicated, and named Hubert Steadman Fellowship Hall.

Pastors that succeeded Elder Steadman, were Elder Elihue Love, Elder Walter Rozier and Elder John Fudge. The next church was dedicated in 1956 under the leadership of Elder Lee Lawrence.

The following pastors that succeeded Elder Lawrence were Elder Otis Johnson, Elder Albert Landers, Elder Robert McGriff, Sr., Elder Frank Townsend, Jr., Elder Erta Livingston, Sr., Elder George Matthews, Elder Willie Phillips, Elder Frederick Henry, Elder Ralph Alderman, and Elder Alvin Armstrong. Elder Frederick Henry is the current pastor.

Additional Info

  • Pastor: Elder Fredrick L. Henry
  • Location: 153091 County Road 108, Yulee, FL 32097
  • Telephone: 904-225-9829
  • Fax: 904-225-9829
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Shining Light Church of God by Faith

153091 County Road 108
Yulee, Florida.
United States ,32097