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Solid Rock Church of God by Faith

The Church of God by Faith in Yulee, FL has a rich heritage. It began in a tent erected by the late Elder Kelly Mitchell in June of 1955. At that time, the only persons in Yulee professing “holiness” was the late Mother Mamie Gilyard and her daughter, the late Mother Ophelia Jacobs. The tent was located on the north side of Mother Jacobs’ home and a three week “Soul Saving” revival was conducted by the late Elder Moses Mack. At the close of the revival, four souls were added and they continued to hold worship services under the tent.

In the meantime, the saints at Gross (Sandhill) built a new Church, thus, leaving the old Church vacant. The Executive Council of our National Church gave approval for the old building to be moved to Yulee. The late Elder Mitchell along with Deacon Leo Green, Sr. dismantled the church, transported and erected it in Yulee despite resistance in the community to have a Holiness Church. Initially, the Church was assembled on the west side of what is now Palm Tree Drive. After a brief legal dispute regarding property, the Church was literally rolled to the east side of the road with the help of a pulpwood truck owned by Mr. David Terrell where the Allen White Fellowship Hall now stands.

Elder Kelly Mitchell was the first Pastor, followed by the late Elder Kelsie Woods and Elder Frank Townsend. In December of 1965, Elder Willie L. Phillips was assigned as Pastor. Under his leadership, the vision for a new church was birthed, one that would be suitable to meet the needs of a growing congregation.

The Groundbreaking ceremony was in April of 1975 and a new House of Worship was dedicated to the Lord in August of 1977. By December 1980, many new faces had been added to the congregation, most noticeably, a new Pastor, Elder Harry J. Johnson and his family, First Lady Alma Johnson and their children, Jamie, Felicia and Jonathan. Yulee was his first pastoral assignment and he came with a great deal of enthusiasm, a keen sense of leadership and a vision for a higher level that God wanted to take the Church. Pastor Johnson was inspired to give our church a name. The Congregation was asked to participate in suggesting names.

In 1981, Pastor’s oldest son, Jamie, age 9, suggested “Solid Rock” and the Congregation agreed. Almost immediately, Pastor Johnson recognized the old church building serving as a Fellowship Hall was no longer suitable and we needed a Fellowship Hall and Educational Facility. Under the direction of Deacon Leo Green, Sr. the Fellowship Hall/Educational Facility was completed and dedicated to the Lord in 1984 and was named in honor of the late Deacon Allen White who envisioned an Educational Facility.

In 1987, a parsonage was added for the comfort of our Pastor and his family. In 2005, when the family had outgrown the need for a parsonage, Deacon Green envisioned converting the facility into a Life Development Hall for training and education. In March 2011 the Lord called First Lady Alma Johnson home to be with him. Her presence will always be remembered.

Today under the leadership of Pastor Johnson, First Lady Nancy Helen Johnson and Associate Pastor Elder Emory Wingard, Sr. the vision continues to unfold, we constantly see the need to improve our surroundings but most importantly seek a more intimate relationship with the Lord. Our ultimate goal is "Outreach for the Lost". The vision is to expand our borders crossing all cultural and ethnic boundaries encompassing people of all backgrounds. To teach the pure, rich Word of God as the preserver of life and to positively impact the families and communities in the surrounding areas.

Additional Info

  • Pastor: District Elder Harry J. Johnson
  • Location: 86138 Palm Tree Drive, Yulee, FL 32097
  • Telephone: 904-225-5388
  • Fax: 904-225-8208
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Solid Rock Church of God by Faith

86138 Palm Tree Drive
Yulee, Florida.
United States ,32097