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In order that we may preserve our God given heritage, the faith once delivered to the saints, especially the doctrines and experience of sanctification as a second work of grace; and also that we may cooperate effectively in advancing the Kingdom of God among men. We the ministers and lay members of the Church of God By Faith, Inc., in accordance with the principles of constitution, legislation established among us, do hereby ordain, adopt, and set forth as the fundamental law or constitution of the Church of God By Faith, Inc., the Articles of Faith, The General Rules, and the Articles of Organization and Government.

Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the church is to focus on building the Kingdom of God by winning lost souls, reaching the hurting amid reconciling the wounded. It is my vision to have at least three full-time evangelists travel throughout the year assisting pastors and their congregations in mission work. The full-time evangelists would be responsible for assisting the pastor in setting up workshops, revivals and tent crusades as a strategy to create a hunger to the body of believers to win lost souls within their local community and surrounding areas.

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