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National Office

History of the National Headquarters

Deacon Aaron Matthews, oldest son of one of the founding fathers, Bishop Aaron Matthews, Sr. (Bishop W. W. Matthews brother), served as the first office manager at the East Jacksonville, Haines Avenue location until his death.

In 1952, Sister Katie Marie Hill became the first secretary to serve at the National Headquarters. She did so faithfully until 1955 when she left to get married. Sister Jefferson did it all. Being a skilled linotype machine operator during her employment at the Florida Star, she became the church’s first and only linotype operator. She set to type the Sunday School Curriculum and the Spiritual Guide Newsletter which was distributed to all the churches.

Sister Alfreda Benjamin was employed as secretary from 1957 until 1965.

Sister Jefferson came back to work at the headquarters, bringing along her son, Alvin. He shadowed Deacon Matthews from the age of about 12 or 13, learning everything he could from Deacon Matthews. After the death of Deacon Matthews, Alvin took over management of The Print Shop, the name affectionately used by most folks at the time to describe the National Office. Deacon Alvin Jefferson retired in 2005. Both Elder Otis Johnson and Rev. Wells worked for brief periods.

In 1986, Sister Sarah Lundy joined the staff at the headquarters. Sister Jefferson took over as secretary of the Burial League Fund exclusively while Sister Lundy handled her previous job assignments. Sister Jefferson retired in 1992.

In 1995, the headquarters relocated and leased office space on Lane Avenue in Jacksonville. Bishop James McKnight, Sr. had a vision for a new headquarters that would appropriately host executive meetings, house a national museum and serve as a hub for the life and growth of Church of God by Faith, Inc. In 2005, the national church purchased property and began planning for a new $1.5 million office complex. In April 2008, the present location, 2409 Old Middleburg location was dedicated. Interestingly, the new location is on the exact lot where the very first Church of God by Faith was built.

Church of God by Faith, Inc. is not only happy to have a new 7000+ square foot headquarters but is equally pleased that it could be built on a spot that once housed the original home of this great organization.

Headquarters Staff

Pam Albertie

Pam Albertie

Office Manager

Veronica Watts

Veronica Watts

Assistant Office Manager

Office Hours

Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Church of God by Faith National Office
2409 Old Middleburg Road N.
Jacksonville, FL 32210