It’s Our Time Now

Since our beginning, “First Century” ByFaith achieved great things in the Body of Christ. They did so by individually sharing the responsibilities of the church and committing to causes greater than themselves. Their corporate spirit resulted in the founding of the Burial League, the building of many new churches, as well as the erection of the Ocala Temple and Matthews-Scippio Academy. Despite the challenges many families and local churches experienced during those times, the Executive Council still assigned each of them monthly assessments “equivalent” to as much as $90.00 per-month for national projects and concerns. While we don’t believe that assessing each member is the right thing to do today, we do believe that, “It is Our Time Now” to commit ourselves to the corporate cause of the Church of God by Faith.

The Vision

We remain devoted to the proposition that Jesus Christ is the only hope for the world, and that the Church of God by Faith still exists to convey that hope. The Executive Council has distinguished a solid road map to move the Church of God by Faith forward by committing to several bold goals known as Vision 20/20. Our vision is to complete the Renovation of the Ocala Temple, expand westward with New Church Plants, strengthen the solvency of our Burial League and launch COGBF Financial Solutions by the year 2020.

The Need

Local Church Budgets and District Quarterly Reports are the two primary financial streams that currently fund our church. While expenses continue to rise, there has been little to no increase in budget assessments which leaves slim margins for operations and making a meaningful impact on the fulfillment of the Vision. The needs before us require that we recapture the same selfless, sacrificial spirit of our fathers who committed their time, treasure, and talents to the actualization of this most noble cause.

The Opportunity

  • IT’S AN OPPORTUNITY to see lives changed.
  • IT’S AN OPPORTUNITY to restore and sustain hallmarks of the past.
  • IT’S AN OPPORTUNITY to finally put COGBF on the path to financial independence.
  • IT’S AN OPPORTUNITY to go west.
  • IT’S AN OPPORTUNITY to write a new chapter in the ByFaith story.
  • Your Part

    Having seen the Vision, the need and the opportunity, now you can do your part by becoming a “By Faith Partner” (BFP). You can become a Partner by sowing a monthly commitment of $25, $50, $100 or more per-month for three (3) years. Another way to partner is to make an annual donation of $300 for three consecutive years. It is our resolve that 100% of (BFP) contributions will be used for the support of the Vision and not for normal church operations.

    Starting Your Partnership

    1. Determine the commitment that God is leading you to make.

    Empowering the Vision

    Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Let’s write the next chapter.

    BFP Pin

    After you start your partnership, you with receive a beautiful die-cast ByFaith Pin (BFP) as an appreciation for your support. It should also be worn to inspire others to become a BFP today.